Felix Reidelbach

New Cell Technology: NaTe

The first prototypes are already being tested with cell formats 26700 and 32140 and are
developed to series maturity. If you are interested, download the press release.

Cutting-edge Production

Certified Quality, Trust Our Commitment and Proven Results

Quality - Experience German excellence

The Art of Battery Cell  Production

Our motivation is to drive cell development forward.

Get an impression of the production line:

We listen to your needs

We are able to respond to your requirements and thus adapt the cell chemistry.
Our highly experienced developers are looking for the battery cell which meets your exceptions.

High development cell performance

Our teams of cell engineers are constantly researching and developing new ways to increase the performance of battery cells and find new alternative approaches.

Different battery shapes

Are you looking for pouch cells, cylindrical or prismatic batteries? We are open to your requirements in terms of shape.

New technologies

Whether multi-tab, tabless or different cell chemistries, we always endeavour to develop the best possible cell

From innovation to production

We provide comprehensive cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells and customizable solutions for the world. Moreover, we are working on new alternative's cell technologies.

Due to our research & development and a large network of cell specialists, we are always able to find the best solution for your requirements.
Due to our cell engineers and our colleagues in research, we can also offer customised solutions with the appropriate lead time
In addition to UN 38.3 certification, our long-standing partners can also provide all other certifications to help your application reach market maturity

The Technology behind

Technology made in Germany, it all started with a government research project Giga-LIB. The aim was to develop a rechargeable battery cell that meets the demands of the industry and can compete with the strong competition from Asia. The result is TerraE, a cell manufacturer with decades of experience from German and Japanese cell engineers.
This enables us to react quickly to changing market requirements and always offer the best cell solution for our customers.

Supply chain security

We pursue a dual-source strategy for all cells in order to be pre-emptively prepared for the problems of the global supply chain

European cooperation 

Thanks to our co-operation partners all over the world, we are also able to produce independently of China on request

Fast delivery

Thanks to our logistics centres in Europe, Asia and the USA, we are able to provide the fastest possible supply chain at all times

Global standard for cells

we are able to carry out tests for all required certifications in our laboratories

What about pricing

Despite customised solutions for our customers, we are able to keep cell costs low in the face of global competition

The price depends heavily on the cell chemistry as well as the design and cell architecture
Depending on the cell chemistry, we are able to offer our customers the best possible prices
Depending on the cell requirement, we can also supply smaller quantities.
We offer economies of scale with corresponding purchase quantities.