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New Cell Technology: NaTe

The first prototypes are already being tested with cell formats 26700 and 32140 and are
developed to series maturity. If you are interested, download the press release.

Driving the Future

With innovative battery cells, we actively shape the energy transition and contribute to global electrification.

Innovation -become future-proof by TerraE

The Blueprint for an Electrified Tomorrow

Be part of a journey for an electrified and sustainable world with TerraE technology

This is TerraE

The TerraE is a high quality cylindrical battery cells provider, owned by Sven Bauer, CO & Founder of BMZ Group, global leading solution provider for batteries and chargers, headquartered in Germany. 

The TerraE initiative is the next big milestone in building a sustainable and complete supply chain providing best in class Li-Ion technology.
TerraE’s executive managers, engineers and technicians define specifications for battery cells, which are manufactured accordingly on existing lines by tier-one suppliers in Asia under the brand TerraE.

Many of BMZ international well known customers are already successfully using the TerraE battery cells for a wide range of applications: energy storage systems (ESS), electric vehicles, e-bikes, power and garden tools, medical equipment, home and industrial appliance.

Our Mission

Providing the best customized products
Claiming leadership in Power Storage Technology in the future
Custom cells tailored to your individual request

Size matters